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Guest Blog: A Word from a Yoga Queen

February 20, 2012

College can be the most fun and exciting yet stressful and confusing years of your life. There is so much going and on and so much to balance. Making it to class on time, group projects with people you can’t stand, studying for exams for classes you can’t even comprehend (cough finance), pulling all-nighters at the library and ending up spending the whole time stalking the cute boy in your class on Facebook, trying to make healthy food choices than winding up eating your roommates left over mac and cheese, making sure your socially accepted, date parties, formals, parties, relationships… the list is endless. You are only one person and can only do so much! We tend to jam pack our schedules and our social calendars until we burnout and collapse.

How often do you find yourself getting sick or just feeling exhausted all the time? Maybe you have trouble falling asleep at night. Relying on those frequent Starbucks runs to get you through your day. I can tell you right now I spent many days in bed missing class because I over-did myself trying to do it all. I could never find that perfect balance… that place of bliss where I could just sit still and let my thoughts settle and just simply be. I often found myself becoming so frustrated, and breaking down wondering why I couldn’t balance it all. I feel as women, we tend to put a lot more stress on ourselves to just naturally and gracefully be able to balance it all.

It’s your life and you are the keeper of your true happiness. The key is finding ways to release stress and tension versus keeping it all in until you just lose it. I have found that the best way for me to work through these times when my schedule is more jam-packed than I would like is to try to eat a healthy balanced diet and do yoga. I want to focus on the benefits of yoga for college students and how you can use some of the wonder philosophies of yoga to find your inner Zen and balance it all! How yoga can enhance your college experience and get you real world ready… or just help you focus on that math test next week!

So if you are completely new to yoga just know that anyone can do yoga and college students are exceptional candidates for yoga! I suggest you tubing some yoga videos and looking for some 10-20 min videos. All you need is yoga mat, which you can find fairly cheap at Target, Wal-Mart, or online at Amazon and a fairly open space for you to spread out your yoga mat.

I think it is important to start your yoga practice off by centering yourself. So just sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position. Sit up nice and tall and then softening the eyes. Take a few moments to calm your mind and let your thoughts and worries of the day disappear. For some people this might sound silly… if it was really that easy we would all be so much happy. I can tell you it really is that easy! Just have an open mind and take the time to sit still and let everything else go. Now as your thoughts start to disappear start to bring your attention to your breath. Notice how long and deep your inhales and exhales are. Then start to deepen the inhales filling the belly and chest up with air. On the exhales slowly let the air out and draw the naval to the spine. Pressing out all the stale air… anything you do not need anymore.

Just doing this deep breathing in and out of the nose calms the mind and the nervous system. It helps balance your mood and energy levels. You can do this type of breathing just about anywhere…. Sitting in class, in your dorm or at the library. After you have centered yourself with your breath you can slowly move into your more active yoga practice. I have found that doing just 20 minutes of yoga a day or a couple of days a week puts me in a better mood. I feel less stressed. I sleep better at night. My body doesn’t ache or hurt as much. I also find that I am more patient with people. More open to change. There is so much change going on in your early 20s and having an open mind and heart is so important. Through my yoga practice I have been able to find a more blissful life. I hope that you too can use yoga to enhance your life and your college experience.

Yoga Queen was founded by Ashley Fehrmann who discovered her love for yoga and natural health after traveling to India with her family and Deepak Chopra when she was only 13 years old. In October 2011 Ashley decided to deepen her practice and further discover her inner goddess by attending a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Ashley is trained in Classical Hatha yoga, which combines asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation to help develop the union of mind, body and spirit. Her teaching style focuses on mindfulness (freeing the mind to experience greater happiness and better health), improving lifestyle habits and quality of life, stress reduction and management, breath awareness, proper alignment, and of course having a fabulous time celebrating YOU!

Visit Yoga Queen’s website and Facebook page for more information and 

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