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What To Do When You Catch The Flu

February 8, 2011

Being sick while away at college is the pits. Your mommy is not around to comfort you, you are put in quarantine due to the rapid rate at which sickness spreads at university, and on top of everything you get behind in school work. Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do to get better is to rest and relax. You may not feel like doing much of anything the first few days, but by the fourth day you may be going a little stir crazy, so try out these simple things to keep you busy.

Shopping From Bed

Flu Season does seem to conveniently coincide with post-holiday blues. Fortunately, there are some things that last longer than leftovers and Christmas cookies: gift cards. College students seem to hoard gift cards, but being sick can be the perfect time to shop online. Look ahead to the Spring and Summer and utilize those gift cards you received during Christmas.

Stumble Upon

If shopping isn’t your thing, check out a website that can keep you busy for hours. Stumble Upon is a website in which you input your interests and it generates random websites that will satisfy your curiosity.

Find New Music

There are few things better than a brand new playlist full of recently released songs. While you are sick, take the opportunity to catch up with the music world, and  make a playlist for a run or for a party that you can attend when you are better by finding new songs on free distributor websites. My personal favorites are Fresh On Campus and Fresh New Tracks. Both sites provide the newest tracks from popular and newly discovered artists. Check out The College Cartel for a compilation of new tracks released by these sites and others.

New Seasons on Hulu

Chock-full of soap operas and talk shows, daytime television is not meant for college students. I know it seems obvious, but check out Hulu for seasons of your favorite shows. Maybe try out some new shows by looking through the 25 best television series of 2010 courtesy of the A.V. club.

Take the Time to Get Organized

Remember the last time you forgot about the quiz in Biology? Or when your mom called yelling that you never called your Grandma on her birthday? Take this opportunity to do a mindless yet very helpful task: writing important dates down. Maybe you already do this, and more power to you, but most college students never get around to writing out their assignments and dates ahead of time. So, take this time to peer through your syllabus, look at the school calendar, and call your relatives. If you’re going to be sick, might as well get ahead!

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