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Staying Healthy In College; Bro Edition

November 30, 2010

I’m going to introduce myself through this first blog with a simple profiling of myself; My name is Harry and I’m a frat bro. That’s all there is to know.  I actually write to you tonight after a long day of crushing two kegs with friends on a typical fraturday in the fall. True story. Let’s be real though, being healthy and being a ‘Frat Star’ doesn’t mix,  but is possible to at least keep yourself from looking like John Belushi in Animal House with a little bit of proper eating and exercise routine.

If your school is anything like mine, the girls fill the gyms and are obsessed with their image while the health of bro’s is overlooked, and frankly, no one cares what we look like. Minus the few hardcore jersey shore cast lookalikes who spend every waking hour in the gym, it’s usually girls working out. But let’s face, any self-respecting guy isn’t going to waste his life away working on his pecs and watching his diet. If you’re anything like me, you have a life, and a life means you can’t always go to gym or make healthy eating choices every day.

There are, however, solutions to this fundamental dilemma of food choices that college bros face on a daily basis. Should I snag a quick piece of pizza? Or take a few extra minutes for a healthier alternative? Should I drink that next beer? Or should I cut myself off?  There are so many bad choices offered to us that it makes the healthy choices seem unappealing. Nevertheless, I write to you as an example of a bro who has mastered the art of being (somewhat) healthy in college. I’ve hardly gained weight since my glory years in high school where I actually played sports other than beer pong (or Beruit for you Northerners). I work out 5 days a week on average and love trying to stay in shape.

Let me end this blog with a simple message. If you’re a college bro out there struggling to manage your health, find a girl, or keep your grades up, there are answers. And I have them.

This blog was written by our newest guest writer, Harry. He is a fraternity brother at a University, and is from Virgina. Look out for more posts from Harry soon.

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