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How to Eat Chinese Food… The Right Way

September 8, 2010

Enjoy Chinese food?  I do! A yummy, sometimes cheaper meal that can be either delivered to your dorm or served in style at a restaurant (or made at home).  Chinese food is a go-to for college students who are sick of their dining hall food or are looking for a little comfort. Dishes can include many veggies, which could make the meal appear healthier, however salty sauces, fried rice and high fat meats can tip the scales quickly.

Tips when eating Chinese Food

  • Ask the chef to use less oil when preparing your dish.
  • Ask for soy sauce on the side or use low sodium soy sauce.
  • Chicken has lower calories and fat than duck meat.
  • Order brown steamed rice over fried or white.
  • Order a dish with loads of veggies!
  • Look for MSG free sauces, foods, etc (many restaurants say it on the menu)
  • Eat in moderation! Just because a dish contains mostly veggies, if there is sauce or other ingredients, the calories can add up.

Watching your waist line…and health!  Dine on;

  • Steamed dumplings over fried egg rolls or crab rangoon.
  • Baked, broiled, lightly stir fried, or steamed dishes instead of fried.
  • Water chesnuts; a lower fat option to cashews and peanuts.
  • Steamed rice vs. fried.
  • Sweet and sour sauce, plum or duck sauce vs. soy, lobster or oyster.

If you are looking to order out tonight, check out to find menus and locations that deliver closest to you!

Source: American Heart Association

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