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What I Wish I Knew Before Starting College Part IV: Getting Sick

August 18, 2010

Bring some Kleenex and Nyquil. Aside from the first month of school, I cannot say I was truly 100% in good health until summer break. Now, I may be a rare case, but it seemed as though everyone at my school and my high school friends at different colleges as well had similar issues. College is like a daycare in the sense that Colds, sinus infections, flues, ear infections, pink eye, and many other gross diseases runrampant Add in sleep deprivation due to studying and staying out late, living conditions plus improper nutrition, and you mine as well add yourself to CVS pharmacy’s frequent buyer list. Mommy isn’t there to blow your nose and call you in sick for the day, so a lot of times you do not end up getting better because push yourself to keep up with the demands of your schedule without taking time to get better. I distinctly remember walking home from class one day thinking “wow, I actually feel not sick today”, then waking up the next morning with a stuffy nose.

I will be giving tips on how to prevent these illnesses as the postings progress, but know that the ability to pick up something is very, very easy, therefore it is vital to get as much sleep as you can (See “Nap Is Key”), drink as much water as possible, and wash your hands raw. Also, do not be afraid to use your sick days, I remember having a fever and still attending class so I could “save” my sick day for a “more important occasion”, but it just ended up for the worse. Do not follow this example, and stay in bed. Don’t feel bad because Mom didn’t diagnose you and declare that you are “too sick to go to school”. Trust your judgment, get comfy in your covers and re watch the last season of Lost.

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